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We are seeing significant growth in the usage of QR Codes worldwide. Fortune 500 companies like Nike and Nestle are implementing them into their marketing stack, and customers are becoming increasingly more comfortable with gathering and retaining information through online sources.  

QR codes provide an excellent touch-free solution for brands to keep customers engaged at store level, provide relevant information, and increase overall conversion with re-marketing efforts.  They allow customers to get product information within seconds and reduce the need for face-to-face engagement. 

Here are some interesting facts that you may not know about adoption of QR Codes:

  • QR Readers are now standard on all Android and iPhone devices, so users no longer need to download separate apps all they need to do is open their cameras! With the average household penetration of smartphones in Canada reaching 86%, we can safely assume that the adoption of QR codes will continue to grow.

  • Studies have shown that companies are using QR codes to provide customers with:

    • Product Information (51.5%)

    • Event Information (19.8%)

    • Offers (12.5%)

    • App Downloads (8.2%)

    • Other (8%)

  • Not only are consumers more accustomed to scanning QR codes, but they are also now more likely to scan a QR code more than once.

  • By 2022 1 billion smartphones will access QR Codes worldwide.

Deploying a QR code on product packaging or in-store can help separate your brand from the competitor, and REP can help you take that one step further. REP provides an engaging content-rich and dynamic platform for your customers, all with the simple scan of a QR Code.

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