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We don’t just make events happen. We make events happenings. They have impact. Consumers remember them. Products move. Sales needles rise.

Since 1995, Sparks has maintained a laser-focus on bringing people and products together face-to-face, and, in recent years, face-to-interface because an event without a digital and social media strategy these days is, well, uneventful..

We are accomplished across multiple business sectors in a host of event disciplines ranging from sampling to demonstration to research. We are especially proud of our rare ability to speak the language of contractors, DIY enthusiasts and renovators in the Home Improvement sector. It’s a specialty we call Sparks Retail Engagement.

At Sparks Event Marketing, it’s all in the experience.

The Sparks team is a remarkably productive compilation of experience, youth, passion, focus, talent, skill, imagination, enthusiasm, determination, thinkers, do-ers, specialists and generalists. And it all converges to put the “extra” in our clients’ events to ensure they are far from ordinary.

Involving consumers at the point-of-purchase in a little experiential one-on-one is a powerful way for your brand to make a lasting impression. In single stores, chain wide, at the mall or on the street we can create an event that’s right up your alley in any retail environment. Across a variety of categories, our trained Brand Ambassadors know how to engage, excite and educate people in ways that make your message register and your brand stand out.

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    At the core of any sampling program is the old adage “Try it you’ll like it!” and we work to extend that idea to encompass the entire experience.

    By embedding the sampling experience in a fun activity, our Ambassadors can communicate key brand messaging and elicit feedback as part of an engaging, friendly and natural exchange.


    If you want to know what consumers think, you need to get out and interact with them in their natural habitat.

    We’ve developed and executed countless mall intercept programs on behalf of clients and we always make sure it’s a worthwhile and memorable experience for the people we engage.


    To us, it’s more than getting coupons in the hands of consumers. It’s about doing everything we can to ensure that they use it to purchase the product.

    That’s why we engage them in a fun interaction – anything from a “Spin and Win” wheel to online prizes. We entertain as we educate to improve the chances of trial purchase.


    When your PR campaign calls for an event, call on us. We will take your campaign idea and bring it to life. We’ll assist in venue selection, onsite registration, logistical support, multiple location coordination, volunteer recruitment and all the details that turn good into great.

    At Sparks Event Marketing, we make it our business to make memorable happen.


    Sometimes an event needs sponsorship to really take off. Sometimes a sponsor needs an event to realize their objectives. We know how to bring those two things together in a very mutually beneficial way.

    So if you’re an event looking for a sponsor, or a sponsor looking for an event, chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for through us.


    Whether it’s a local, regional or national launch, we have the connections, network and original ideas that will help you propel any new product out of the gate.

    An innovative, engaging event is a critical component in any marketing strategy aimed at convincing consumers that your new product is worth a try.


    While it’s true that “seeing is believing”, we complete the thought with “believing is buying”. In a highly competitive retail environment, there’s nothing more compelling than the memorable demonstration of a product’s key features and benefits. When you make the case, your chances of making the sale improve.


    From roving bands of street theatre to Brand Ambassadors on roller blades in parking lots, sometimes the most memorable events just can’t stand still.

    They move in and out of crowds providing impromptu entertainment with a brand message or they swoop in from nowhere like a brand superhero saving the day. If your brand is suited to going guerrilla, talk to us. It’s how we roll.


    If your objective involves changing minds as opposed to changing purchasing habits, or distributing information rather than distributing samples, we can help you create an event that will intersect with people at the right time and place to get your message across with maximum impact.

    From helping a public safety organization raise awareness to reduce risk, to organizing and managing a major lottery organization’s cross-country public awareness tour, we can help educate and inform anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Digital is a little word with huge implications. Millions of consumers gather, chat, like, dislike, poke, touch, network, tweet and post millions of times per second in a world that’s as far away as a distant land and as close as the nearest keyboard. You need to be part of it. You need to be there controlling your message and making friends. As an online extension of a live event, or as a self-contained initiative, we can help you maximize your return-on-internet.


    There are times when the only space your event needs is cyberspace and we are here to make the digital world your oyster.

    We can work with you to develop a digital campaign strategy to connect with consumers online and then execute using every virtual tool available to engage them with your brand..


    We handle every form of digital discourse there is. From full-blown event websites to self contained microsites, and from apps for mobile devices to banner ads that cast a wide digital net, we design, execute and implement efficiently and cost-effectively.

    APP design created by Increative.


    We are social butterflies who know how to create buzz. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and blogs, we can get the brand conversation started, help it spread faster than a juicy rumour and manage it so it stays on message.

    Social Media Icons

    As odd as it sounds some of our best Brand Ambassadors never leave the office. They excel in engaging consumers online in gathering places like Facebook, by tweeting the praises of your brand and by blogging ‘til they’re blue in the face. And in those instances when the real and virtual worlds converge, they can blog, tweet and Facebook from a live location to create “as it’s happening” excitement. We think of it as hitting a “Brand Slam”.

    Social Media Icons

Meetings make the world go ‘round. And a meeting that’s well planned, organized and executed improves message retention, motivates staff, elevates morale, and enhances performance. With everything from theme and logo development to AV presentation, staging and lighting, we can help make sure your next meeting is one where everyone sits up and takes notice.

  • Employee Meetings

    Every time you assemble your staff, it’s important…and it’s vital that your employees know that as soon as they enter the venue.

    Let us help you make it memorable by managing the details so it’s totally professional and comes off without a hitch.

  • Annual General Meetings

    It’s probably your company’s most important meeting of the year. Shareholders expect to be impressed. Executives are in the spotlight. In some cases, the media is watching.

    From technical direction to scripting executive speeches, we sweat the details to ensure everything goes exactly as planned.

  • Executive retreats

    To us, executive retreats thrive on originality so we always bring fresh, innovative ideas to the table.

    We ensure your corporate message and direction is packaged in a creative theme and event that amplifies your message, motivates your team and builds camaraderie. And we make sure everyone has a really great time too.

  • Annual Sales Conferences

    From gala dinners and guest speakers to
    executive speeches and headline entertainment, we handle it all.

    Working with your theme, we can create an entire event right down to screen graphics, videos and table centerpieces. Your sales force will return to work motivated and totally determined to be part of it again next year.

  • Hospitality Suites and Off-Site Events

    Often large events incorporate multiple collateral events to address specific needs or entertain important guests.

    Whether you need a first class hospitality suite to welcome VIP clients, or a local hot spot for a night as a reward to employees, or extra breakout rooms for business sessions, we handle all the details.


    In need of a department-wide morale boost? Merging two cultures into one? Executive team not firing on all cylinders? Team building exercises build trust and confidence and get everyone rowing in the same direction.

    We have proven team-building exercises ready to roll out or, if you prefer, we can develop one that’s customized for your corporate culture and objectives.

  • Entertainment and Keynote Speakers

    Keynote speakers have a way of effectively driving home your point without you having to say a word. And professional entertainment brings a “wow” factor that can elevate any event from ordinary to unforgettable.

    With connections to the music and entertainment industry and a list of diverse international speakers from which to choose, we can make the arrangements while you sit back and enjoy the show.

    Entertainment and Keynote Speakers
  • Awards Shows

    When showcasing your brightest stars, it’s important to create an atmosphere in which they feel special. It demonstrates your commitment to employee recognition, which boosts morale, improves performance and cultivates loyalty.
    The ROI is real.

  • Theme, Graphic, Decor and Digital Development

    How you package a meeting or conference is often a critical factor in making the event a memorable success.

    From theme-ing, and décor, to room ambience and graphic elements, we can glam up a special night or bring the gala to any significant celebration.

We are always on the lookout for bright, talented, energetic, enthusiastic, curious, friendly, adaptable, positive, outgoing, engaging and dependable men and women to join our growing enterprise and/or to represent our clients in the field as Brand Ambassadors.

If variety spices your life up, you’ll fit right in because you could be sampling new yogurt flavours one week and lining peoples’ pockets with little gold bunnies the next. There’s never a dull moment.

If you think you fit the bill, then we want to
hear from you.

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